What’s Next for Your Content Management in the Cloud?

JD de Haseth

JD de Haseth

Director, Marketing — Cloud Services in the Enterprise Content Division (ECD) at EMC Corporation
Director, Marketing -- Cloud Services @ EMC Enterprise Content Division

Chances are, you heard from colleagues and peers about realistic ways to leverage the cloud — even if you manage critical business content (i.e. nuclear power plant drawings, patient data, etc.). But are you ready for what’s next? There are lessons learned from using managed private cloud deployments, and many customers are at the stage of Businessman with tablet and clouds-2exploring new possibilities. They want a more nimble IT organization that can act quickly when business calls, while remaining responsible stewards of business critical content.

Several years into our EMC Managed Services OnDemand (MSOD) private cloud offering, we have thousands of end users accessing Documentum solutions on a daily basis. This experience has proven out a few key benefits:

  • Switching from heavily burdened capex to a more predictable and manageable opex has benefitted customers’ bottom line
  • Solutions can be deployed more easily and in a timelier manner. For example, recently with a customer who experienced a divestiture, the IT department was able to get a new Documentum solution up and running in as quickly as several days.
  • It is less taxing on IT organizations to spin up a Documentum cloud deployment compared to the time-consuming planning, procurement, installation, configuration, testing and management of the hardware and software that would be necessary if they managed and maintained in-house

Now, forward thinkers in heavy content management industry verticals who are Continue reading

How Selecting a Managed Service Provider is Like Selecting a Doctor

Vijay Ganti

Vijay Ganti

Leads marketing for cloud applications business - EMC OnDemand

The trend in the industry is unmistakable where enterprise customers are seeking a model in which vendors are incentivized to ensure success of the solution through its lifetime. The old model of dropping application software and leaving town is increasingly being frowned upon. Is this the revival of the dreaded “O” word – outsourcing? Yes, but I can assure the readers that it is not your father’s outsourcing though. It is a relationship that is based on deep application and solution specific expertise. This is in sharp contrast to a relationship that was based on the promise of lower cost, built largely on labor cost arbitrage. It is clear now that, Continue reading

Everything Documentum Is Easily Within Reach

Raul Gabriel

Raul Gabriel

Raul is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at EMC that writes and blogs on ECM and Captiva-related topics

The role of information in an organization is constantly changing. As a business professional, you know that time is a precious commodity. As one spends much of the day distilling concepts, evaluating options, and managing complex transactions, one needs information in a form that can be assimilated quickly into the business. Social media is slowly becoming a de facto standard for businesses to communicate with their employees, customers, and business partners.

Enterprise content management (ECM) has evolved to more than just documents, images, and other familiar corporate assets. It is now about the broader information infrastructure that tends to be more complex and at times Continue reading

Locked in the Dungeon: 3 Reasons Why Electronic Drawings are Not Freely Shared

Patrick Emerson

Patrick Emerson

Patrick is the Vice President, Channels & Alliances – Americas, and focuses on how trends, technologies, and products impact the channel in the Americas and globally.

Last month our partner, BTM Software, shared some of the challenges associated with content management and disaster preparedness in their guest blog “Paper to the Rescue? Not in a Disaster.” This month they share why engineering content (particularly electronic drawings) is not shared freely, and offer three steps that can be taken to safely “unlock” the value of content.


Locked in the Dungeon: 3 Reasons Why Electronic Drawings are Not Freely Shared
Rob van Dommelen, Managing Director, BTM Software


A lot has changed since computer aided design (CAD) first entered the enterprise and drawings were initially developed electronically. Engineering projects have grown in size – developing a new power plant or airport costs hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars today. There are more electronic drawings in terms of volume, as infrastructure projects have taken off across emerging markets. And the drawings themselves are more complex, considering all the international parties involved when sourcing parts and technologies. Continue reading

EMC OnDemand versus Amazon EC2

Fabian Lee

Fabian Lee

Technical Architect in the EMC OnDemand group, IIG's secure cloud offering. Currently obsesses over application monitoring, automated maintenance, and Federated Identity Management.

One of the questions we hear a lot from both new customers as well as existing customers considering the move to EMC OnDemand is, “Why would I choose EMC OnDemand instead of Amazon EC2?”.

I love this question.  It gives us a chance to talk about the EMC OnDemand value-add without the appearance of grandstanding.  And in the end, it is clear to everyone this is an apples to oranges comparison, but the explanation allows us to highlight some key points that resonate very deeply with a customer evaluating cloud offerings.

Cloud Service Models

cloud-service-modelsThere are many reasons Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings such as EC2 can be attractive. Continue reading