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Software Alone is Not Enough for Cloud-Based ECM

JD de Haseth

Director, Marketing — Cloud Services in the Enterprise Content Division (ECD). Follow @dehaseth at EMC Corporation
Director, Marketing -- WW Cloud Services @ EMC Enterprise Content Division

The difference between a good technology provider and a great one is the recognition that it takes far more than just technology to deliver business impact. It takes people.

In a previous blog, I outlined the multiple approaches you can take to deploy enterprise content management (ECM) “your way” in the cloud — like on premise, public, private, hybrid, and combinations of each. Equally important is a cloud strategy that considers all the people involved across your cloud services or IT organization, and how you want to make the most of your IT human resources.

Connected PlatformJust as there are many cloud deployment options, there are an equal number of professional managed service options you can choose from to determine who handles what aspects of your ECM cloud management. Thought-leading CIOs and technologists often begin this determination by considering how the IT team is structured today, the inventory of skillsets, and what it is moving toward in the future.

Defining Your IT Roles

The enterprise is already amidst disruption that is significantly impacting the IT role. Digitization and automation are helping remove the more tedious elements of IT management. As a Harvard Business School study notes, the business expects technical solutions at a much faster speed, and users are rapidly self-selecting their own tools. Especially in sectors like sales and marketing, cloud has taken off for tasks like CRM and pipeline management, with IT brought in only when more cross-app data integration becomes a requirement.

These drivers need to be considered in how they shape your human resources. What looks like the IT department today may have nothing in common in how you expect to (more…)

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas… or Does It?

JD de Haseth

Director, Marketing — Cloud Services in the Enterprise Content Division (ECD). Follow @dehaseth at EMC Corporation
Director, Marketing -- WW Cloud Services @ EMC Enterprise Content Division

A visit to Sin City as a content management aficionado makes it impossible to keep what happens in Vegas a secret. I returned from Momentum and EMC World 2015 eager to share with customers all the ways they can leverage the cloud as an underlying foundation for their enterprise content management strategies.

In terms that any Las Vegas visitor might appreciate, here are my top four EMC World 2015 insights to share. I hope these ideas and case studies inspire you to forge ahead and become the Digital Enterprise of tomorrow.

1 – Headaches arise from complicated IT application rolls-outs, not just from hangovers.

An estimated 80% of large enterprises will have deployed cloud environments by 2017, according to a 2014 Gartner Survey. As organizations transform into the digital enterprise, a razor-sharp focus on technology — and specifically, cloud deployments — will be the enabler to realize the next phase of growth. CIO’s and IT Director roles all rated “cloud is a modern approach,” “innovation” and “operational agility” as prime reasons on why making the journey to the cloud is a necessity today.

As EMC’s Enterprise Content Division showcased in the exhibit halls across EMC World, EMC enterprise content rationale to move to cloudmanagement solutions and products are available in a number of cloud deployment options. Deploying EMC Documentum in a public, private, or hybrid cloud helps alleviate installation and configuration challenges by leaving the complicated work to EMC technical experts. Depending on your needs, you may find that either a public or a private cloud model is a best fit. In some cases, it may be a combination of the two options – a hybrid cloud model. Bottom-line: it’s comforting to know that with EMC Documentum, you have choices! Talking with EMC experts, you can determine which cloud deployment model is right for (more…)

The Cost of Waiting

JD de Haseth

Director, Marketing — Cloud Services in the Enterprise Content Division (ECD). Follow @dehaseth at EMC Corporation
Director, Marketing -- WW Cloud Services @ EMC Enterprise Content Division

Cloud adoption rates are on the rise! Cloud market forecasts vary from analyst to analyst, however, the consensus is that Cloud computing is experiencing exponential growth and will soon become the mainstay in organizations across the globe. If you’re still waiting to make this move, and delay your journey to the cloud, it’s time to seriously consider the costs and opportunities you’re impacting by stalling the inevitable shift to the digital enterprise.

What many IT organizations fail to factor into their cloud timing decision is the impact of end users avoiding — or even working around – applications that are ill-performing. At EMC Enterprise Content Division, historically the bulk of inbound calls into EMC support are due to environmental issues and not necessarily issues caused by the application or product itself. Unfortunately, small customer changes to a system can severely impact other aspects of the system, and in some cases result in poor performance, or worst, hanging screens. Of course there could be a myriad of root causes adversely impacting a customer’s environment—including outdated hardware, incompatible applications, or other environmental issues frustrating your business end users. All of these are issues your cloud provider would easily handle in a SaaS environment, not you.

fodm-22Whichever the exact cause, the impact is end users creating “shadow IT” and finding other unapproved or convoluted ways to get things done. How much does it cost when your compliance team avoids your content management tool and saves sensitive data insecurely? What happens if your finance team can’t process PO’s at end of quarter and reverts back to emailing spreadsheets?

Think about what will change in your end users’ behavior if you don’t move to the cloud. And factor that in.

If you delay your journey to the cloud, the other cost to consider is that you will (more…)

What’s Next for Your Content Management in the Cloud?

JD de Haseth

Director, Marketing — Cloud Services in the Enterprise Content Division (ECD). Follow @dehaseth at EMC Corporation
Director, Marketing -- WW Cloud Services @ EMC Enterprise Content Division

Chances are, you heard from colleagues and peers about realistic ways to leverage the cloud — even if you manage critical business content (i.e. nuclear power plant drawings, patient data, etc.). But are you ready for what’s next? There are lessons learned from using managed private cloud deployments, and many customers are at the stage of Businessman with tablet and clouds-2exploring new possibilities. They want a more nimble IT organization that can act quickly when business calls, while remaining responsible stewards of business critical content.

Several years into our EMC Managed Services OnDemand (MSOD) private cloud offering, we have thousands of end users accessing Documentum solutions on a daily basis. This experience has proven out a few key benefits:

  • Switching from heavily burdened capex to a more predictable and manageable opex has benefitted customers’ bottom line
  • Solutions can be deployed more easily and in a timelier manner. For example, recently with a customer who experienced a divestiture, the IT department was able to get a new Documentum solution up and running in as quickly as several days.
  • It is less taxing on IT organizations to spin up a Documentum cloud deployment compared to the time-consuming planning, procurement, installation, configuration, testing and management of the hardware and software that would be necessary if they managed and maintained in-house

Now, forward thinkers in heavy content management industry verticals who are (more…)

How Selecting a Managed Service Provider is Like Selecting a Doctor

Vijay Ganti

Leads marketing for cloud applications business - EMC OnDemand. Follow @vijayganti

The trend in the industry is unmistakable where enterprise customers are seeking a model in which vendors are incentivized to ensure success of the solution through its lifetime. The old model of dropping application software and leaving town is increasingly being frowned upon. Is this the revival of the dreaded “O” word – outsourcing? Yes, but I can assure the readers that it is not your father’s outsourcing though. It is a relationship that is based on deep application and solution specific expertise. This is in sharp contrast to a relationship that was based on the promise of lower cost, built largely on labor cost arbitrage. It is clear now that, (more…)

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