Momentum 2015 at EMCWORLD: Addressing Problems with Real Solutions

Danny Pidutti

Danny Pidutti

Responsible for delivering ECD Healthcare Solutions that address the information management needs of global healthcare organizations.

Momentum 2015 at EMCWORLD: Do you have ECM business problems you need to address? Well, we have the answer: Solutions.

Okay, now that I have your attention I need to be honest, we might not have all the answers, yet. What I can say is we have been working hard to address some of the most pressing issues MMTM15_Twitter-1024x512in Life Sciences, Energy & Engineering, and Healthcare and to that end, we have suites of solutions that help our customer do all sorts of wonderful things like bringing lifesaving drugs to market faster, build and maintain new alternative energy facilities, and providing doctors with the information they need to deliver better and cheaper patient care.

You might be thinking “EMC has been providing solutions for years, what’s new?” Well you would be right, but there is a distinction that needs to be drawn. For the last 25 years we have provided Continue reading

The Cost of Waiting

JD de Haseth

JD de Haseth

Director, Marketing — Cloud Services in the Enterprise Content Division (ECD) at EMC Corporation
Director, Marketing -- WW Cloud Services @ EMC Enterprise Content Division

Cloud adoption rates are on the rise! Cloud market forecasts vary from analyst to analyst, however, the consensus is that Cloud computing is experiencing exponential growth and will soon become the mainstay in organizations across the globe. If you’re still waiting to make this move, and delay your journey to the cloud, it’s time to seriously consider the costs and opportunities you’re impacting by stalling the inevitable shift to the digital enterprise.

What many IT organizations fail to factor into their cloud timing decision is the impact of end users avoiding — or even working around – applications that are ill-performing. At EMC Enterprise Content Division, historically the bulk of inbound calls into EMC support are due to environmental issues and not necessarily issues caused by the application or product itself. Unfortunately, small customer changes to a system can severely impact other aspects of the system, and in some cases result in poor performance, or worst, hanging screens. Of course there could be a myriad of root causes adversely impacting a customer’s environment—including outdated hardware, incompatible applications, or other environmental issues frustrating your business end users. All of these are issues your cloud provider would easily handle in a SaaS environment, not you.

fodm-22Whichever the exact cause, the impact is end users creating “shadow IT” and finding other unapproved or convoluted ways to get things done. How much does it cost when your compliance team avoids your content management tool and saves sensitive data insecurely? What happens if your finance team can’t process PO’s at end of quarter and reverts back to emailing spreadsheets?

Think about what will change in your end users’ behavior if you don’t move to the cloud. And factor that in.

If you delay your journey to the cloud, the other cost to consider is that you will Continue reading

Around the World in 11 Days (Part 1)

John O'Melia

John O'Melia

SVP & General Manager Documentum, EMC Enterprise Content Division

Recently, I set off from San Francisco on an around-the-world trip to visit a number of our key customers and to pay a much needed visit to our Center of Excellence in Bangalore.  If I can’t find something amazing to share with you from such a wonderful trip, then I am hanging up my blogging gloves!Traveling the Globe

First, let me explain why this trip was so special for me. Last October I took on an expanded role within EMC’s Enterprise Content Division and became the General Manager of the Documentum business. As a result, the last few months have been insanely busy for me as we closed our financial year, finalized our plans for 2015 and kicked off the new year all while trying to “learn the ropes” on the Product side of the business. I have learned an awful lot during the last five months. Though it has been an amazingly exciting time for me, I missed spending time visiting customers – one of the favorite parts of my job. I also hadn’t found time to visit any of our Centers of Excellence that are home to many of our great Engineering resources.

So, it was time to hit the road!

I have traveled extensively during the 21 years that I have been part of the Documentum family so I have mastered the art of making the most of the few days I get on the road.  For this trip, I began in Europe and then headed over to Bangalore, wrapping the trip up by visiting a number of our APJ customers.

The first stop on the trip  took me to Paris where I spent time with one of our large financial services customers. Unfortunately, this trip was to address an issue.  Our customer felt we were forcing them to upgrade their xCP applications – at a considerable cost – in order for them to get the latest security fixes for our software. In their view, the upgrade would take a lot of time and money and they would ultimately end up with exactly the same applications they have today. I was faced with a very real concern: what was Continue reading

Join Us at Momentum at EMC World 2015 – How Content.Next Impacts Energy & Engineering

Sean Baird

Sean Baird

Sean leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for EMC’s Enterprise Content Division.

The countdown has begun and in just a few weeks, EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) is holding its annual #MMTM15 Conference at EMC World. This year’s theme is Content.Next, and in addition to keynotes by IT visionaries at EMC, hundreds of technical sessions, and hands-on product demonstrations, ECD is providing a dedicated agenda for Energy and Engineering customers to explore industry challenges, customer successes, information management solutions, and networking with your industry colleagues.

MMTM15_herobannerThis is useful information that you can use to better understand how content management can make an impact in your organization, as well as to learn how EMC is helping our customers take advantage of private and public cloud deployment, mobile solutions, and more.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to your peers: 97% of our attendees tell us that attending Momentum made them more effective. It’s as close as it comes to a No Brainer.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in it for you.

Get to Know Your Peers

Momentum at EMC World provides excellent networking opportunities, and with Momentum’s Energy & Engineering agenda, we’re starting things off with Continue reading

Connected Decision-Making

Sean Baird

Sean Baird

Sean leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for EMC’s Enterprise Content Division.

Bringing together documents and data to enable complete visibility

Energy asset operators are faced with a paradigm today: increase efficiency and reliability levels while fighting to extend the lifespan of these aging asset. To meet these opposing aspirations, customers often find that it is critical to create a comprehensive view of the energy asset, its history, performance data, technical information, and associated documentation.refinery

And while there are many solutions that aspire to deliver this complete view for customers, they often fall short of this goal. If you step back and look at the information management challenge, the reason becomes clear: there are simply too many varied types of information to manage. There are several solution providers on the market that address portions of this challenge, from managing engineering drawings, real-time analytics, and document management. Most of these solutions excel at managing one or two types of information, although many claim to do it all.

Unfortunately, this inability to deliver the full spectrum of information management means that customers are similarly unable to gain the complete visibility and Continue reading