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Talking Energy in Barcelona

Sean Baird

Leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. Follow @sean_baird

Barcelona, Spain is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its jewels include the extraordinary architecture of Atoni Gaudi, some of the world’s most interesting cuisine, and a perfect climate from which to enjoy its treasures. But during the first week of November, the focus for this city changes, as Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) and its many European customers will descend on this great city for a wonderful conference. This year’s Momentum conference in Europe will provide the perfect opportunity to learn alongside peers in a variety of industry and
technical tracks, gain practical experience in hands-on labs, experience the Spanish culture in our social events, and network with colleagues, partners, executives and product managers oil-and-gas-4throughout the week.

For our Energy & Engineering industry customers, we are providing a dedicated agenda for customers to explore industry challenges, customer successes, information management solutions, and networking with your industry colleagues. This is actionable information that you can use to better understand how content management can make an impact in your organization, as well as to learn how Dell EMC is helping our customers take advantage of private and public cloud deployment, mobile solutions, and more.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to your colleagues: 98% of our attendees recommend attending Momentum to their colleagues. Let’s take a closer look at what we have in store for everyone in Barcelona.

Industry Challenges & Solutions

We have put together a full week of sessions, including customer-led sessions from industry leaders. We’ve included sessions to explore industry solutions, with a spotlight on ECD’s Energy & Engineering solutions – Documentum Asset Operations, Documentum Capital Projects, Documentum Capital Projects Express, and Dell EMC Supplier Exchange – as well as (more…)

Striving for Operational Excellence in Europe

Sean Baird

Leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. Follow @sean_baird

Over the past couple of years, we’ve written several posts regarding the emergence of operational excellence in the Energy industry. While the benefits of operational excellence programs have been well understood for some time — greater productivity, improved safety, extended asset lifespans — the current low gas price economy is driving organizations to increase their focus on operational excellence as key to remaining viable during these times.

To further emphasize this importance, conferences like Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas are being held to help the industry share various approaches to and successes in addressing operational excellence challenges. Speakers generally addressed these challenges from one of three approaches: people, process, or technology.


peopleAny operational excellence initiative requires strong adoption throughout the organization. Unfortunately, this is nearly always easier to say than achieve. The reality is that most companies find that without a focus on company culture and strong leadership throughout your management teams is necessary to develop the culture required for success.

Surprisingly, one of the more interesting discussions was given by an industry outsider. Ernie Spence, retired Commander from the US Navy. The Navy commander talked about the strategies that he successfully employees to retool and turnaround a struggling squadron. While his story has nothing to do with the processes or technologies that will drive operational excellence initiatives, his insight into the human factor had clear parallels to the struggles that oil and gas companies face implementing new programs today.


processImproving operational processes receive the most focus during the two-day conference, with several customers speaking about the results of their process improvement projects. From my perspective, the most interesting sessions had a common theme: demonstrating how improved governance over operational processes yielded increased safety or operational readiness.

While the solutions to these issues tends to be very complex and requires a consultative approach to address each organization’s unique requirements, there were common pillars in each success story:

  • Being able to communicate the status of your operations and/or individual processes is a key objective for any operational excellence program. Several customers pointed to simple, easy-to-understand dashboards as a critical success for factor sharing results both up to the executive leadership and down to the entire organization.
  • Collaboration is also very important, eliminating unnecessary delays, especially with the global network of suppliers and contractors supporting your operations.


The final area of focus during the conference was on technology, and the highlighted management systems focused on improved management of two key pieces of information:

1. Structured data

A very popular investment that was discussed throughout the conference was leveraging data analytics to improve operations. While some critical parts have long provided at least some relevant data, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data technologies have driven new technologies that promise to dramatically increase the ability for organizations to monitor not only asset productivity but predictive maintenance.

2. Unstructured Data

Oil and Gas PipelineWhile improved collection and analysis on structured data has some pretty clear benefits, companies often overlook the value that improved management and control of unstructured benefits provides fundamental benefits for operations and maintenance activities.

This is a conversation that is going to continue to happen over the remainder of the year. In early November, the Enterprise Content Division will be holding its Momentum Conference in Barcelona, Spain.  At this conference, EMC and a number of its customers, will be discussing a variety of Energy industry topics related to information management, including Operational Excellence.

And while the European conference highlighted the challenges across Europe and the Middle East, the conversation will move to the United States later in November, where IQPC will host a very similar conference in Houston, Texas: Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas. I’m looking forward to exploring both the similarities and differences between North American and European markets, companies, and operational excellence program focus.

I hope that we will see you at one or both of these conferences. What are your experiences and expectations for Operational Excellence? Let’s discuss it below.

Cloud Flexibility Gives Customers The Experience They Want

Frank Lynn

Leads Customer Success and Solutions marketing for EMC’s Enterprise Content Division

Latest posts by Frank Lynn (see all)

In today’s consumer market, great companies with high brand equity have one thing in common: they’re using digital innovation to continuously improve upon their already tremendous customer experience.

For example, Costco is known for its generous return policy – now it’s been digitalized so that you can still get a refund if you don’t have a receipt. Starbucks lets you order and pay for your beverage with an app so you don’t have to wait in a long line. And Disneyland has an app so that you can see Yoga[1]wait times in real time and better plan your day at the park.

Enterprise Content Management software is a means to an end. Customers are trying to accomplish something and they’re looking for ways to do it cheaper and easier. Cloud-based solutions enable customers to do both. And they’re ideal for customers with growing or fluctuating bandwidth needs because they’re easy to scale up or scale down when needed.

But a public cloud for everything approach doesn’t always provide a great customer experience. Changing enterprise business processes to align with inflexible SaaS solutions is time consuming, expensive and frustrating. Having a flexible solution that can be configured to align with existing business processes reduces total cost of ownership and makes for a better user experience. In fact, according to Gartner¹, “The increased use of multiple public cloud providers, plus growth in various types of private cloud services, will create a multicloud environment in most enterprises and a need to coordinate cloud usage using hybrid scenarios.”

The increased use of multiple public cloud providers, plus growth in various types of private cloud services, will create a multicloud environment in most enterprises and a need to coordinate cloud usage using hybrid scenarios.
– Gartner

EMC provides public, private and hybrid cloud models of our Documentum as a Service or DaaS software – and you can mix, match and integrate them. Our Life Sciences customers are working on life-changing innovations to cure disease and help people live longer, better lives. Most prefer to protect their Research & Development content in a private cloud, while creating a public cloud clinical trial data repository that enables easier collaboration. And they don’t want unnecessary patches or upgrades forced upon them smack in the middle of a big clinical trial or new (more…)

Surprise! No More Solution Customizations

Martin Richards

EMC Corporation’s Enterprise Content Division Senior Director of Energy Industry Solutions. Follow @MartinR_Eng

Things are not always what they seem, as the earliest of Roman writers pointed out, and the same is true today in our content management-driven world. As every enterprise seeks its own digital transformation strategy, ironically, there is a tendency to revert back to accepted truths or how things have always been done. One of the first comments I hear from customers in our solution discussions goes something along the lines of this: “Our company works in unique ways and we have an accumulation of different technologies, so we will have phaedrusto heavily customize any content management solution.”

What I notice, however, is what else the ancients knew: “The first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.” (Source: Phaedrus, c. 15 BC – c. 50 AD). While customers start out thinking they want to customize a solution, they sometimes take a surprisingly different approach in the end.

Here are three considerations for anyone assuming content management solution customization is the only way to succeed. Please share your own thoughts at the end in the Comments section.

1 – Technology has caught up

More rapid software development approaches have shortened product update cycles throughout the technology industry. More capabilities are delivered more often through existing solutions. It used to be acceptable to evaluate content management solutions once every 18 months. Today, a solution you reviewed just two quarters ago may have already packed in far more capabilities.

In EMC Documentum Capital Projects Express, for example, common user requirements (like the ability to provide graphical annotations during a review task, or to automate workflow recipients from a pre-defined distribution matrix) are already built in. It’s highly possible these types of ongoing updates can save you custom development work, while still meeting your (more…)

Sharing Experiences in the Energy Industry

Sean Baird

Leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. Follow @sean_baird

Over the past couple of months, we have had some great opportunities to bring our customers together and share experiences. Talking with customers, hearing about their challenges, and working to better understand the value that our solutions and technologies deliver is one of the best parts of my job, but providing a forum for customers to talk to one another is a completely different experience.

It Started in Vegas

No, this isn’t another sequel to The Hangover. Our few months of watching customers interact with one another started at Momentum at EMC World 2016. While there was plenty of discussion throughout the entire week, the highlight was on Monday, when we kicked off our Energy & Engineering track with an industry panel discussion.

Industry PanelThis year’s industry panel featured several customers and partners, as well as a few EMC industry veterans. While we started off with some planned discussion topics around digital transformation, the conversation quickly moved to being driven by the customers in attendance, both on the panel and in the audience. The customers discussed how they are managing to keep their businesses profitable in today’s economy, how Operational Excellence programs are more important today than ever to reduce costs and maximize efficiencies, and the role of IT enabling their businesses to succeed.

Let’s Meet in Houston

Last month, we reinstituted an event that used to be a regular tradition with Documentum customers in Houston, the Momentum User Group meeting. With an agenda driven by – you guessed it – customers, we met for an entire morning last month to give our customers a chance to learn, share, and ask questions.

HMUGIn addition to a couple of customer-led presentations, sharing their information management strategies and initiatives, we again featured a customer and partner industry panel to discuss many of the same topics that we covered in Las Vegas. Like Momentum, the conversation quickly became driven by our customers, with familiar topics like digital transformation, cloud initiatives, and operational excellence dominating the discussion.

The feedback we received from our customers at this event was excellent! In fact, a few folks mentioned that it would be nice to extend the meeting by another hour or two for even more interaction and networking. We will be helping our customers “continue the conversation” by working with them to schedule future events for this community. This meeting was a great start!

It’s a Global Economy, so Virtual Meet-ups Were Next

The reality is that not all of our customers are able to join us in Las Vegas or in Houston, so we kicked off a series of virtual roundtables last month, as well. During these sessions we met up, Google Hangout-style with a select number of customers. The format worked beautifully, enabling our customers to both share and listen to others experiencing the same challenges. A special shout-out to these customers, as they were extremely open and provided great detail about their operational excellence initiatives.

More of these sessions are planned through the end of the year; if you’re interested in joining, please reach out to me directly.

Helping customers share experiences and best practices remains an important part of our role as a solution and technology provider. Our industry solutions represent this collaboration, but I really appreciate the interaction, the shared experiences, and the new learnings directly. And no, we’re not done with these initiatives.

  • Momentum Barcelona will be taking place October 31st – November 3rd
  • There are several Customer.NEXT events scheduled in the U.S. throughout the month of October (for those in the Oil & Gas industry, please plan to join us in Austin, Texas).

For those that weren’t able to join us in person, let’s continue the conversation here (leave a comment) or on Twitter (you can reach me at @sean_baird)!

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