Toshiba America Energy Systems: Cloud-Powered Content Management

Robert F. Smith

Robert F. Smith

Presales Systems Engineer, Energy and Engineering Solutions Specialist, Enterprise Content Division at EMC

When we think of the Toshiba brand, laptops, TV’s and other mass-market consumer electronics come to mind. Yet, this same producer of DVD players and memory sticks also builds and maintains industrial-scale steam turbines and generators used in many thermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear power generating plants worldwide.

Like any complex and expensive mechanical system, steam turbines and generators are designed to last decades but require considerable maintenance to operate for these long lifespans. Of the active hydroelectric plants in the U.S., most of the installed capacity is linked to large projects built between 1930 and 1970. In addition, many undergo significant refurbishment to prolong their operational life. In fact, in the United States alone, the industry has invested at least $6 billion in hydropower plant refurbishments, replacements, and upgrades in the past ten years.

In light of the industry’s preference to invest in extending asset lifecycles instead of building new plants, Toshiba, in 2015, combined their International Power Services Division with Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corporation, and the steam turbine service group from Westinghouse. The new, US-based organization, Toshiba America Energy Systems (TAES) Corporation, offers a one-stop shop for a broad portfolio of Continue reading

Are you Powered Up for Momentum 2016

Sean Baird

Sean Baird

Sean leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. Follow @sean_baird at EMC

Spring is in the air, and that must mean that EMC World is around the corner. More importantly, EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) will also be holding its annual Momentum Conference. This year’s theme is Beyond, and in addition to keynotes by IT visionaries at EMC, hundreds of technical sessions, and hands-on product demonstrations, ECD is providing a dedicated agenda for Energy and Engineering customers to explore industry challenges, customer successes, information management solutions, and networking with your industry colleagues.


This is useful information that you can use to better understand how content management can make an impact in your organization, as well as to learn how EMC is helping our customers take advantage of private and public cloud deployment, mobile solutions, and more.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to your colleagues: 98% of our attendees recommend attending Momentum to their colleagues. So what does a week in Las Vegas look like? Let’s take a closer look: Continue reading

Three Ways the Digital Transformation Impacts the Energy Industry

Sean Baird

Sean Baird

Sean leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. Follow @sean_baird at EMC

The only constant that we find these days in the Energy industries is change. Whether it is lower oil prices, pressure to generate power from renewable energy sources, or increasingly complex government regulations, today’s business realities are forcing new approaches. In the longer term, these digital transformation approaches promise to increase operating efficiencies, increase revenues, and reduce operating costs, but today’s business dynamics are forcing companies to confront these challenges today.

digital transformationWhile there are a number of areas that have been identified by analysts, energy industry experts, and other consultants, including Accenture, there are three key areas where the digital transformation is either forcing the energy industry to react or providing opportunities for the industry to transform themselves. Let’s explore each.

Customer Engagement

As with many other industries, the most pressing need for businesses is improving the ways it interacts with its customers. In 2014, a study conducted by the Altimeter Group found a couple of very interesting facts:

  • Only 25% of those companies surveyed have a clear understanding of the new digital possibilities and their applicability for their business
  • But nearly all of these same companies – 88% of respondents – where aware that their businesses were undergoing digital transformations of some kind.

These same alarm bells are impacting the Energy industry. While the industry struggles with many of the issues discussed earlier, customers are increasingly demanding that Continue reading

Documentum Capital Projects Embraces the Third Platform

Sean Baird

Sean Baird

Sean leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. Follow @sean_baird at EMC

Over the past four years, the EMC Documentum Capital Projects solution has evolved from a Documentum system configuration to a fully-fledged industry solution. Two years ago, we introduced Documentum Capital Projects Express, bringing the power of the Documentum system to the third platform.

Today, we’re sharing two important announcements that extend our ability to deliver third-platform value for our customers: easier than ever to manage, simpler than ever to use, and usable anywhere at any time.

Energizing Documentum Capital Projects Express

This is Documentum Capital Projects Express? Well, that was the initial reaction of several customers watching a demonstration of Documentum Capital Projects Express 2.0. For this major new release, we’ve focused on two dimensions that drive greater value and ease of use.

No IT Staff to Support? No Problem.

Documentum Capital Projects Express has always provided simplified deployment and maintenance. But version 2.0 takes it at least one step further. Deployment is as simple as ever, but with Documentum Capital Projects Express 2.0, updates are automatically handled behind the scenes, eliminating the system maintenance that burdens on-premise solutions.

The simplicity with the cloud-based solution is deployed allows you to get up and Continue reading

6 Reasons Customers are Devoted to Documentum D2

Carol Blumberg

Carol Blumberg

Jennifer Edwards said it best in a recent blog, “Technology is the enabler, but it’s the customer relationship – and the customer experience – that matter the most.”

To further express the importance of the customer, we asked customers to share insightsD2-Product-QMU-Quote-Mashup-01 on our products and solutions in the “Voice of the Customer” survey for Documentum D2. We asked, customers answered! Let’s dive in!

Why is Documentum D2 such an important piece of your ECM strategy?

The reasons are many. Providing advanced content management for the power user, Documentum D2’s unique approach enables organizations to respond more rapidly to changing business requirements and accelerate time-to-value for ECM deployments.

  • Sanofi drastically reduced their development work by 60% with D2 compared to their older system.
  • A global engineering company was able to cover 300% more business cases faster with lower TCO, getting to the market faster – all with the same internal team and resources

How has Documentum D2 enabled the new modern personalized experience?

It accommodates not only individual preferences and working needs of different users, but Continue reading