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When Lightning Strikes Your Enterprise

Bryan Reynolds

Over 20 years of experience as a senior executive and managing consultant with core competencies focused on business process engineering, imaging, document management, eDiscovery, records management and enterprise content management.

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Lightning strikes nearly 300 days a year, or 80% of the time, in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, which NASA has declared the lightning capital of the world (Source: NY Times). In today’s enterprise, what sparks that same level of energy? Your Content.

Whether structured or unstructured content, chances are your enterprise workers depend on interacting with your content, together with colleagues and business partners.

Lightning BoltCollaboration lights up your workflows when it comes to jointly-developed documents like FDA new drug applications, nuclear power plant drawings, or regulatory compliance documentation.

Customers I spoke with recently at EMC Momentum discussed three different types of content collaboration needs, many of which tie back to mobile solutions (full disclosure, I run our Enterprise Content Division Mobile Practice). Here is how I would characterize these varied dimensions of content collaboration:

1 – Bringing Offline Field Data into Your Enterprise

If there’s ever a place that needs collaboration, it’s at that intersection between content you capture offline, and all that’s living within your systems. Customers need to head out to oil pipelines, patient clinics, and crime scenes. Today, much of that field work is still (more…)

A Giant LEAP for Government

Rob Silverberg

Director and CTO, Enterprise Application Architecture, State and Local Government and Education. Follow @RobSilverberg1

The CIO of the City of Boston recently said, ““If you want to come to City Hall, we’ll be there for you. But if you have to come to City Hall, we’ve failed.” This quote shows the move toward using modern technologies to allow for electronic interactions between government agencies and the people they serve.

The Enterprise Content Division of EMC just released the first two EMC LEAP apps, Capture-2Courier and Snap, with the others soon to follow. As I look at the landscape of government applications, I can see where these would potentially fit.

The Child Support process requires that each parent in the case to provide extensive financial documentation by which the agency can then determine if one parent will be required to pay child support to the other parent. In most counties, this means that each parent will make copies of W-2s and tax returns and then file these papers in person at the Child Support agency office. Consider if the agency was to deploy a mobile capture app configured with LEAP Snap that allowed the parents to take pictures of the required documents with their smart phone and then have the process automated for the agency staff. LEAP Courier could also be used to automate the exchange of (more…)

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Amy Callahan

Sr. Product Marketing Manager for EMCs Enterprise Content Division focused on Governance and Compliance strategy. Follow on Twitter @AmyMCallahan

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The 2016 U.S. election? Tom Brady’s suspension reinstatement? If you’re my son’s 4th grade teachers, the words “standardized testing” may warrant some unrest. I’m always amused by their heightened concern for his proper rest and nutrition during these times. As if to say, feel free to keep him up all night eating Doritos once testing is in the rear view mirror. The compliance stakes are high and I get that. Extra apples in the backpack for good Apple Coffee Notebookmeasure.

During a post Momentum Conference discussion with some of my colleagues, I realized that my son’s teachers have some things in common with many of the attendees with whom they spoke. Compliance is at the center of everything they do and as data lakes continue to mature, the pressure is felt. A common thread among many was the notion of falling behind the compliance curve. Most people felt that their peers were miles ahead of them. Not true.

Are you sleeping with one eye open?

Would it surprise you to know that 62 percent of data and security professionals lack visibility into where their organization’s sensitive data resides? According to a new Ponemon Institute study where 432 data and security professionals across the globe were (more…)

Sharing the Journey, from Silicon Valley to Down Under

Albert Nel

Director Sales - Asia Pacific & Japan at Enterprise Content Division, EMC
Director Sales - Asia Pacific & Japan at Enterprise Content Division, EMC

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The house is packed up and my U.S. customer projects are nicely transitioned – I’m relocating this month from our EMC Enterprise Content Division (ECD) headquarters in California to Sydney, Australia, to be part of the growth opportunities across our Asia, Pacific and Japan businesses.

As I make this major transition, I am constantly thinking about my customers. Now I truly appreciate what it must feel like to transform your entire content management infrastructure, all while keeping your business up and running.

What I’ve learned in my U.S. two-year assignment with global accounts is that thinking strategically helps manage through all the ups and downs of any transition. Yes of course, the technology is critical, and our ECD portfolio doesn’t disappoint. But I’ve also seen how our ability to connect customer efforts into a strategic, driven business plan can bring enterprise content management (ECM) to a completely different level.

We are essentially helping keep planes in the air for our major aviation manufacturer, for example, who leverages Documentum globally to safely manage all manufacturing drawings and technical manuals. For our R&D-heavy customers, our knowledge of U.S. compliance workflows and regulations helps get their ideas to market in the most efficient way possible.

Every business is facing digital transformation, whether it’s my global banking customer headquartered in San Francisco, or one of the biggest brands in credit cards and loyalty programs.

As I experience quite a bit of change myself this year, it motivates me to think about my Journey-1customers’ journeys and how to partner with them. Maybe there are some parallels to draw from this experience. In the spirit of blogging and sharing ideas (I hear Japan is one of the world’s best blogging nations), here are three things to consider as you address your content management journey to develop as a digital enterprise.

1 – Know Where You Are Going

Fortunately, my family does not have any pets yet, or we would face the renowned disease-quarantine rituals of Australia. (Perhaps a wallaby is in the future).

But the point is, knowing your destination helps you make better decisions and prepare for what’s ahead. Our ECD approach is to help develop strategic clarity not just for one of your offices, but for your regional or global business. If you are in Life Sciences, perhaps you want content management to support faster FDA approval cycles, for example. Or in Financial Services, to find new ways to serve up content for new services that drive revenue.

When your teams and technology owners understand why you are pursuing an effort, it can simplify how you collectively reach your goals. Trade-off decisions at one facility, for example, can be influenced to support the greater goal rather than an individual facility metric. The journey to digital transformation prompts a look at all the areas of your business to understand what is most important to achieve.

2 – Build a Support System

I can’t even count how many people have helped in my move, from administrators filing paperwork, to agents ensuring the best schools for my children. Throughout your enterprise content management effort, it helps to have people you can count on.

What I’ve seen in my large customer accounts in the U.S. is that ECD can help make the right connections across expertise. Sometimes this is an engineer from a local partner in a smaller market that is highly innovative. (I have heard many fascinating ideas coming out of Korea, for example.)

Or it might be an EMC product designer in California, who knows exactly why and how we architected a solution (I am glad I met him one day in the local Starbucks!). These relationships can be leveraged to to facilitate your journey and reduce risk as you migrate terabytes of data from legacy systems or roll-out a new mobile app for Documentum.

DT FB image3 – Embrace the Cloud

When I moved from South Africa to the U.S. a few years ago, many of my personal services had to be uprooted and replanted. This time around, I am amazed by how the cloud has simplified all this effort. I can still access my American bank accounts from Australia. Many of our global EMC applications for work are software-as-a-service, so I don’t have to worry about getting cutting off from important company systems and workflows.

It will be exciting to see how Documentum as a Service, our cloud offering, might streamline business despite the diversity and many differences across Asia Pacific and Japan. Perhaps some select end user populations can be serviced through the cloud. Or maybe offloading all of the content management operations to EMC might help my local customers grow faster.

Overall, I am certainly looking forward to listening and learning from the sophisticated enterprises around the region. Digital transformation is affecting us all, and I believe with the right relationships and support, it can be a positive experience. I understand it’s not always common for some cultures to directly communicate, but for those of you who do blog, I welcome your feedback and comments below. We are all on a journey together, and it turns out that South Africa, Silicon Valley, and Asia Pacific may have a lot to share with each other, to help ensure our mutual content management success.

Continuing the Momentum

Chris McLaughlin

Chief Marketing Officer, Enterprise Content Division. Follow @cc_mclaughlin

Now that the dust has settled after EMC World, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the 1,335 customers and partners who attended our Momentum Conference in Las Vegas. Momentum really is all about you. It’s about sharing information and learning from one another. It’s about open, two-way dialog and working together to achieve meaningful business results. And, of course, we do have a little fun along the way. It is Vegas, after all.

This year, we focused on digital transformation and the very real impact it’s having on so many of our customers. We launched exciting new products, like LEAP and InfoArchive 4.0, while also making great strides forward with our Documentum products to make them easier than ever before to deploy, upgrade and manage. We offered numerous opportunities to learn more about all of our products – in fact, of the total 400 hours of breakout content offered at EMC World, 100 of those hours were dedicated to Momentum. That’s right, literally one out of every four breakout sessions at EMC World focused on ECD products, customers, or partners.

Our attendance was up more than 20% year over year, which is fantastic, and we are so pleased that so many of you were able to join us in Las Vegas, particularly in a year when we will also host Momentum in Europe (more on that later). And, based on the (more…)

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