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We’re in a time of historic and rapid change. With the explosion of digital information and organizations looking to transform their businesses and join the digital economy, a highly skilled workforce is critical to customer success.

While new graduates entering the workforce are better equipped to navigate this digital journey, much of the workforce, and the majority of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution end users today, are not.

Research conducted in 2015 by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) in the UK suggests that the UK and other Western countries are facing a “demographic time bomb” as 30% of the workforce retires by 2035. This is likely to leave these countries with severe skills shortages if businesses continue to approach workforce planning and training in the ‘traditional way’.

Which is why EMC is serious about training – and you should be too. In 2006, EMC developed an “open” curriculum and extended it to colleges and universities, forming the EMC Academic Alliance. This program is a collaboration with colleges and universities worldwide, created to help develop a pipeline of IT professionals to contain and manage the digital content deluge.

To help our clients on this digital transformation, EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) Education Services has invested to bring  EMC® STaRTTM (Solution Training and Readiness Toolkit) to the market. This user adoption platform allows organizations to easily create customized end-user learning content that is role-based, and make it available at the point of need. The “YouTube Generation” now expects information to be available immediately, when they need support, and EMC STaRT delivers on this challenge and adapts our approach to training via new methodologies and tools.

The “create once, use often, then edit and enhance” approach is especially useful when clients are rolling out large scale training programs to widely dispersed users. Often training is needed in multiple languages, especially with new cloud-based solutions, and requires less technical in-depth training and more end-user enablement.

That is not to say that there isn’t still demand for traditional technical and business training.

EMC is ensuring they can support clients with the latest technical updates on products and have enhanced their offering in this area too so that participants can access training online and get the training they need, when they need it, and  through a selection of innovative formats including Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) and Live-Online classes.

Investing in ongoing education for employees is essential for organizations to maximize the power of their human capital as well as drive employee satisfaction, offering a high potential for individual growth and opportunity.

EMC is committed to ensuring clients and partners have the skills they need as they successfully transform to become that digital enterprise. EMC provides training that is relevant, timely, convenient, and cost-effective allowing organizations to maximize the return on their EMC software investment.

Is your organization leveraging Education to help accelerate your digital journey?

Dan Gire

EMEA Education Services Manager, EMC Enterprise Content Division

Latest posts by Dan Gire (see all)

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