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Leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. Follow @sean_baird

Throughout the Energy industry, we see a fairly common challenge facing businesses: while information is critical running the business effectively, access to it remains elusive. Information is often locked away in filing cabinets or accessible only through experienced subject matter experts. This creates inefficiencies, slowing down or making it more difficult for you to do your job, or worse, increasing the risk that errors are made.

Energy PlantWhile the latter increases the risk of extended shut downs or worse, very public and expensive accidents, the former is actually a much greater threat to organizations. Operational inefficiency is a constant drag on profitability, especially in the oil and gas industry with today’s lower oil prices. As organizations strive for operational excellence – and the efficiencies and cost savings that are derived from this goal – better control and access to information is usually one of the first and most important steps in these initiatives.

As we’ve discussed elsewhere, one considerable risk posed by the Big Crew Change is the loss of subject matter experts that are invaluable to basic operations. As these seasoned professionals leave the workflow, decades of experience and knowledge leave with them. We see many of our customers dealing with this challenge, and the desire to hold on to these experts leads to retention bonuses – increasing costs and delaying real solutions to the problem.

Further, in highly regulated Energy industries, an organization’s ability to respond to regulatory inquiries is directly related to its control and access to the requested information. And the price for failure here can be steep: resulting in significant fines and public relations nightmares.

As a leader in enterprise content management, EMC has focused on helping customer address these challenges for years, More recently, EMC began delivering industry solutions that directly addresses challenges for Oil and Gas and Utilities companies. One of these is EMC Documentum Asset Operations, which enables organizations to control asset-related documentation of all types, automate workflows critical to plant operations and maintenance activities, and ensure efficiency and compliance with health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) requirements and other regulatory standards.

Today, EMC is introducing a major improvement of this solution. EMC Documentum Asset Operations 2.0 provides new capabilities that focus on the challenge of connecting information and business. Starting with getting this information under control, Documentum Asset Operations 2.0 takes several dramatic steps forward by making it easier than ever to access information, whenever, wherever, from within critical business systems, or in the field.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how Documentum Asset Operations 2.0 narrows this critical gap more than ever before:

Making It Easier Than the Status Quo

A guiding principle to our industry solutions is ease of use, and for good reason: user adoption is key to any new business system. Regardless of how much value a new system brings to the business, if it is difficult to use or perceived to be inefficient, users will revolt. Documentum Asset Operations delivers a highly personalized, simplified user experience.

From the start, users are welcomed with a view that highlights and directs them to current tasks and relevant content. And new faceted search tools enable users to quickly narrow search results to the exact document they need to find. Think of how you might use Amazon’s search to narrow your searches by brand or price; asset information can similarly be narrowed by document type, asset tags, and other attributes to quickly refine search results. Searches are more effective, reducing the time it takes to find and access critical documents.

Linking Information to the Business

Throughout this article, we’ve discussed the importance of asset information, but the reality is that this information is only important to the extent that it helps you run the business more effectively. Documentum Asset Operations 2.0 is focused on integration across three dimensions:

  • By integrating critical asset documents with the wealth of asset information managed by AVEVA NET, Documentum Asset Operations contributes to providing a complete, 360 degree view of operating assets. Together with AVEVA, EMC provides fast access to complete digital information, enabling better decisions can be made faster and with greater reliability.
  • Fast access to asset documentation, standard operating procedures, as-built specifications, inspection records, engineering drawings, and other documents from a work order in IBM Maximo. By providing maintenance engineers fast access to these documents, their reliance upon “tribal knowledge” is eliminated, as are any delays searching for the documentation to perform unfamiliar procedures.
  • Change is a constant is most plants, so we’ve added functionality that helps manage this change throughout the asset lifecycle. In addition to management of change workflows to control documents within Documentum Asset Operations, integrations with another EMC solution, Documentum Capital Projects, enables you to achieve concurrent engineering, coordinating information from brownfield projects with ongoing plant operations and maintenance.

Taking It on the Road

Mobile Information AccessIn our lives today, mobile devices are increasingly invaluable. How many of us immediately Google information or access our favorite apps whenever we have questions? And many of us have low tolerances for poor coverage or the inability to find answers. So I guess it’s no surprise that we have similarly expect the business systems we use daily to support this convenience.

Earlier this year, we delivered Documentum Asset Operations Mobile, which delivers anytime, anywhere access to asset documents and allows engineers to instantly submit field queries. Documentum Asset Operations 2.0 takes this a step further, delivering even more functionality while in the field, including workflow participation, simplified task inboxes, and richer search functionality.

Together, Documentum Asset Operations 2.0 delivers real benefits to plant operations, making it easier than ever to control information, access documents at any time and from anywhere, and connecting important information to the critical business process they support. With Documentum Asset Operations 2.0, the gap between the business and information is disappearing.

What do you think? Are you ready to learn more about Documentum Asset Operations 2.0? Let us know by commenting below!

Sean Baird

Leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. Follow @sean_baird
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