25 years and going strong: EMC recently named a leader in 2015 Forrester Wave for ECM Transactional Content Services

Peter Smerald

Peter Smerald

Director, Enablement, Product Marketing, Technical Field Enablement, Revenue Programs for EMC ECD

The year that celebrates Documentum’s 25th anniversary in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market, Forrester names EMC as a leader in its 2015 Forrester Wave for ECM Transactional Content Services report.

ECM is evolving at a faster pace than ever before and at the heart of the digital transformation businesses have undertaken in order to operate within the digital economy. ECM solutions support an increasingly accelerating number of initiatives while continuing to drive operational excellence.

Customers rightfully demand measurable value from their content and content solutions. They want to easily access the content they require and leverage fit-for-purpose solutions that are delightful to use – all while adhering to strict security and compliance requirements.

Forrester has recognized the evolution of ECM and continued specialization of use cases by redefining its Continue reading

Managing Projects in Oil & Gas Has Never Been More Critical

Sean Baird

Sean Baird

Sean leads Energy and Engineering Industry solution marketing and market development for EMC’s Enterprise Content Division.

EMC recently commissioned IDC to research how oil & gas companies manage capital projects. In this week’s blog, we’ve asked Chris Niven to add some perspective to this research and the current state of the oil & gas industry.

Untitled-1Consider the complex challenges facing oil and gas companies today. Processes are changing as oil and gas companies drill and complete multiple wells on one well pad, technologies are advancing on all fronts, and the success of the company depends on operational and technological excellence in times of lower oil prices. Since Oil and gas companies are notorious for delivering projects behind schedule and over budget, increasing project performance is one key area that can make a difference whether a company is profitable or not.

At the end of last year, IDC surveyed one hundred oil and gas professionals worldwide to evaluate the approaches organizations are taking and the areas of greatest opportunity. In this blog, I will highlight a couple of key findings, but please download the white paper to see the complete report. Continue reading

xmLabeling: A Modern Prescription for Drug Labelling Headaches

Tom Broering

Tom Broering

Head of Americas Alliances and Channel Sales, Enterprise Content Division at EMC

How’s this for a medical nightmare? 50 different labels for the same drug. It can and does happen.

A major U.S. pharmaceutical company needed major help to gain control of its labeling system, which had become bloated, redundant, scattered, expensive and incredibly difficult to manage.

I caught up with Viren Gupta Vice President of Technology Solutions and Content Management at EMC partner Glemser Technologies, to see Dozens of Pill Bottleshow content pros were coping with the issues in this intensively-regulated and highly challenging environment. “At its best, drug labeling is a highly dynamic process,” began Gupta. “Everything keeps changing, and it’s not unusual to end up with multiple labels.”

Dynamic is an understatement. Monumentally complex is more appropriate. It’s challenging enough to satisfy the strict demands of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration: annual submissions, XML format, supplemental filings for any change in the drug’s strength and other factors, specific language and format for Package Inserts, Summaries of Product Characteristics, Core Data Sheets… the list goes on.

Now imagine the potential headaches when a drug is marketed globally by a company operating in 170 countries, with a workforce in the tens of thousands. How exactly do enterprises stay current and compliant when a U.S. label may not fly in Dubai, or a Continue reading

Pluto and the Digital Transformation

Lynda Orban

Lynda Orban

Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Content Division, EMC

Last week, the flyby of Pluto captured our imagination as NASA’s New Horizons’ spacecraft passed about 7,750 miles above the surface of Pluto. This was the farthest world from Earth that any space mission had ever explored. What is amazing about this accomplishment is it was driven by the brilliant use of technology available in the years prior to launch in January 2006. Here’s what New Horizons’ flyby of Pluto has shown us regarding the use of technology:

No more excuses for being late.  After a journey of three-billion miles, New Horizons’ arrival was precisely planned and predicted. New Horizons’ journey took one minute less than originally predicted when it was launched almost 10 years ago. Think of all the factors that had to be considered to estimate the duration of the journey, the first space mission to explore the Pluto system, and it reached its intended destination within 60 seconds! The planning of your digital transformation of your business can be just as precise and accurate.

The latest two full-frame images of Pluto and Charon were collected separately by New Horizons during approach on July 13 and July 14, 2015. The relative reflectivity, size, separation, and orientations of Pluto and Charon are approximated in this composite image, and they are shown in approximate true color.  Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

The latest two full-frame images of Pluto and Charon were collected separately by New Horizons during approach on July 13 and July 14, 2015. The relative reflectivity, size, separation, and orientations of Pluto and Charon are approximated in this composite image, and they are shown in approximate true color.
Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

Aim at a target and come as close as expected.  So it arrived one minute less than originally predicted but it was also exact in terms of the accuracy of its flyby. It passed through a 36-by-57 mile (60 by 90 kilometers) window after traveling three-billion miles. It was as accurate as if a pilot was instructed to land an airliner on an Continue reading

Faster Mean-Time-to-Summer with Life Sciences Content Management

Adam Kelch

Adam Kelch

EMC ECD Product Manager – Documentum for Life Sciences Clinical Solutions

In many professions, what stands between a working professional and a summer vacation is a task list that involves quite a bit of content. This might require tracking down correct document versions and gaining content approvals, before anyone on the work team can responsibly enjoy a vacation.What Motivates You

It’s in these pre-holiday moments that content management efficiencies earn their proper due, as professionals consider MTTS — “mean-time-to-summer.” How quickly and accurately can their hefty task list get executed in order to still go on vacation?

Just like technical support personnel measure “mean-time-to-resolution” (MTTR), counting how long it takes to close a help desk ticket, our EMC Life Sciences customers can measure MTTS thanks to our latest content management solutions. Using portals, intuitive file uploads and single sign-on, they can post record MTTS times, even amidst clinical trials.

The Trials of Clinical Trials

Our Life Sciences personnel frequently face significant paperwork hurdles amidst their tight regulatory environment. During clinical trials, clinicians and investigators especially need to manage many interactions with multiple pharmaceutical sponsors.file Stack For the startup phase alone, a single sponsor requires various signed documents from each site, and a site may be running multiple clinical trials simultaneously. It’s in these settings that automation and electronic collaboration can save time, while still ensuring accuracy.

Expediting Investigations

EMC’s Investigator Portal can help drive down MTTS by electronically distributing and collecting required documentation. The portal, part of the EMC Documentum Electronic Trial Master File solution (Documentum eTMF), centralizes where and how Life Sciences staff work on trial content. It keeps all documents visible and organized within a single repository.

Even for those organizations who have an existing Investigator portal, or those planning to use the future industry-developed Transcelerate portal, integration with EMC Documentum eTMF can expedite paperwork and processes.

MTTS for our EMC Investigator Portal customers? Low!

Leveraging EMC expertise in content management and the Life Sciences sector, Documentum eTMF and its Investigator Portal eliminates hours of tedious document management with a user friendly experience. Imagine MTTS for Investigators if they could:
• Select and upload trial documents quickly and easily, in one centralized location
• e-Sign required documentation with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures
• Find all essential documents, information and communications in your portal, 24/7

Digital Acknowledgements & Real-Time Notifications

As responsible stewards for patient safety, both sponsors and Investigators can leverage real time notifications, access and digital acknowledgements. This includes Continue reading