Does Your IT Department Suffer from “Cluttered Garage Syndrome”? Now There’s Hope!

Jim Earley

Jim Earley

Director of Engineering @ Flatirons Solutions
Responsible for all R&D on the InfoArchive platform, including the Flatirons ETL Acceleration Suite, Hosted Application Retirement for InfoArchive, and other value-added solutions that leverage InfoArchive. Photo attached, please feel free to edit down into more of a headshot.

If you’ve ever tripped over your child’s skateboard or stepped on a rake in your garage, you might have a condition I call, “cluttered garage syndrome.”

It begins innocently enough. When you moved into your house many years ago, you had a clear path from your car door to your house with ample room all around. But as the years go by, the clutter builds up. It’s now a challenge to find room for your car, and it’s even garage clutterharder to locate that screwdriver you used six months ago. Despite the frustration, cleaning your garage is the last thing you want to do, though you know it needs to be done.

Sadly, this same condition afflicts IT.

At Flatirons Solutions, we’ve found that many IT departments have application portfolios that exhibit the symptoms of “cluttered garage syndrome.” Applications have built up over time, and some are so old that the people knowledgeable about them are now enjoying retirement and sipping margaritas on a beach in Cancún.

Despite the inconvenience and cost, you maintain the applications because regulations require you to keep the data, or because they’re still being used by core parts of the business. Decluttering your IT “garage” and restoring its orderliness requires an Continue reading

Beyond Expectations: 2016 Partner Award Winners

Jason Capitel

Jason Capitel

Chief Revenue Officer, EMC Enterprise Content Division. Follow @JCapitel

After more than 25 years in the business, it’s a privilege and achievement to still be on top of the enterprise content management (ECM) industry leadership list. That prestigious position is in many parts thanks to our Enterprise Content Division (ECD) partners, who go beyond what’s expected to deliver your content management success. Our customer-centric partner specialists embrace our technologies, then add their own flair and expertise to make solutions even better across a variety of customer use cases and industries.

It is no small task – they study up rich ECD product capabilities and integration points, work on the ground on customer sites, and/or design and manage across many technology types. That’s all the more reason I hope you’ll join me by sharing and commenting below on this year’s Partner Award Winners, announced at EMC World Momentum 2016.

The partners below exemplify the many important dimensions involved in your content management success, from excelling at information archiving to embarking on digital transformation. They have passed rigorous EMC Certified Solutions procedures, including independent third-party assessments, and demonstrated their commitment to our customers’ businesses.

In particular, I’d like to recognize Reveille – who has been a partner for many years, with multiple EMC Certified Solutions – for going beyond expectations for customer satisfaction. To be recognized for the elite President’s Award, they provided multiple customer recommendations, demonstrating not only their commitment to supporting ECD technologies, but to ensuring successful deployments for our customers.

I encourage you to use this “best of the best” shortlist to find your next EMC ECD partner. Share your congratulations further below or simply click-to-tweet from the winners list. Double your congratulations to four of our partners: two have won awards two years in a row for different categories, and two have won twice across different years.


President’s Award – Customer Satisfaction – Reveille Software – Click to Tweet Congratulations 

Reveille Pres Award








Marketing Excellence Award – Customer Satisfaction – Flatirons Solutions – 2nd Year in a Row Winner – Click to Tweet Congratulations

Flatirons Award

Innovation Award – Best Digital Transformation Solution – Paragon Solutions – Application Decommissioning Factory Model – Repeat Winner – Click to Tweet Congratulations

Paragon Award

Innovation Award – Best Value Office Solution – BIS – Grooper Information Intelligence Platform – Click to Tweet Congratulations

BIS Award

Innovation Award – Outstanding User Experience Solution – Forefront Technologies Intellidox – Click to Tweet Congratulations

Forefront Award

Innovation Award – Excellence in Design Integration Solution – Image Access Image Trust – Repeat Winner – Click to Tweet Congratulations

Image Access Award










Innovation Award – Best Mobile Solution – COSI Consulting COSI Insight Mobile – 2nd Year in a Row Winner – Click to Tweet Congratulations

Cosi Award











Extreme Archiving

Jeroen van Rotterdam

Jeroen van Rotterdam

CTO and VP of Engineering in the Enterprise Content Division at EMC. Follow @jvanrotterdam

Yesterday we announced InfoArchive 4.0, and as you might have seen in Rohit Ghai’s keynote at Momentum at EMC World, we introduced the term Extreme Archiving. With Extreme Archiving we mean the following important aspects and design criteria for an enterprise information archive for both structured and unstructured data:

Extreme Scale

Data volumes within in the enterprise are exploding, and managing this type of volume leads to many challenges. Large enterprises can easily have tens of petabytes of InfoArchive 4.0 Blogunstructured data and hundreds of billions of transactions that they need to retain for long periods of time due to increasingly strict regulations. In Financial Services, retention periods vary between seven and twelve years, depending on the country and data type, while in industries such as healthcare and the defense industry, this can easily go up to 100 years.  

Extremely Small

Although somewhat counter intuitive due to the previous point, the (cost) footprint of an archive solution is important. As you may have seen in the keynote, InfoArchive can scale up but it can also scale down and can even runs on a 35 USD Raspberry Pi with 1 GB of memory. The lightweight architecture is becoming increasingly important as new privacy laws force global enterprises to setup highly distributed archiving with geo-fencing of the data in specific countries. Where you could have a global archive in the past with only three server locations (e.g. Americas, EMEA and APJ) customers are now faced with the Continue reading

Special Announcements at Momentum at EMC World

Rohit Ghai

Rohit Ghai

President of the Enterprise Content Division at EMC. Follow @rohit_ghai

If you’re not participating in Momentum at EMC World, I want to encourage you to follow @EMCdocumentum and join the LIVE keynote session happening NOW (1:30 PM PDT) on Periscope. If you cannot join us today, you can listen to a replay of the keynote session here later this week.

You’ll learn about some of our key announcements, including the following:

Unveiling of “Project Horizon”. A few small apps for users, one giant LEAP for ECM: Today, I am pleased to share with you the announcement of EMC LEAP, a suite of purpose-built, cloud-native content apps. These apps will revolutionize the content management industry and transform interactions with business content. EMC LEAP apps are designed with your users in mind, providing an intuitive user experience for a diverse set of business use cases.LEAP pic

  • Our goal with the EMC LEAP family is to humanize the experience of engaging and interacting with business content. This level of engagement enables superior customer service, greater agility and new business opportunities, and is a key marker of a successful digital business.
  • We are also launching an umbrella customer and partner success program called LEAP Together.
    • LEAP Together for Customers: EMC LEAP apps are interoperable with existing content repositories, but engineered to work “better together” with the Documentum family. For our existing customers, EMC is offering a revolutionary Loyalty Tier, granting free access to our new LEAP suite of apps. This is designed to reward customers for their continued loyalty to the Documentum family of products.
    • LEAP Together for Partners: We’re expanding support for our robust and vibrant partner community, by launching a new SaaS Solution Provider Track within the ECD Business Partner Program. As new apps become generally available, partners will have the opportunity to resell apps and services, with additional program features to be launched later this year.

Making petabyte scale and compliant archiving as easy as pie: We are also proud InfoArchiveand excited to share the release of EMC® InfoArchive™ 4.0, a unified enterprise platform that powers extreme compliant archiving scenarios at petabyte scale. EMC InfoArchive 4.0 provides organizations with the ability to secure and leverage large amounts of critical application data and content to empower modern-day business success. It includes a completely new, horizontally scalable architecture, combining flexible reporting and easy accessibility to make vast amounts of data and content available. Yet, it has such a small footprint, it can run on a Raspberry Pi ($35 computer). EMC InfoArchive 4.0 helps your business optimize and modernize data center and application environments.

Customer and cloud-first approach: And finally, we’re taking a new, cloud-first approach to our existing products and solutions to take enhance our customers’ experience with Documentum. Our next Documentum release will bDocumentume run in the EMC cloud by ECD first, allowing us to improve the deployment, upgrade and maintenance process. We’re identifying Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits that can be achieved, testing them, and then confirming these results later this year. We expect this approach – plus our multitude of offerings available through Documentum as a Service – will provide our customers with choice, improved time to market and superior experience with our solutions.

We are thrilled to share our next-generation ECM strategy and continue the journey with you as we build upon our 26-year heritage of innovation and quality in pursuit of ECM excellence. We look forward to exploring what’s next in our business partnership.

Read more details in the EMC Pulse blog, Beyond Boundaries: ECM for the Digital Era.


A Look at April and BEYOND!

Jill Orbell

Jill Orbell

Marketing Program Manager in the Enterprise Content Division at EMC. Twitter: @jillorbell

April went by in a flash and now we are heading in to one of the most exciting times of the year for all of us here at EMC ECD – Momentum at EMC World! Throughout the month of April our bloggers gave details on what you can expect from this year’s event.

Julie LeWarne kicked the month off by trying to trick everyone in to thinking the conference had been cancelled (it was April Fools’ Day after all). She announced this year’s theme – BEYOND, and introduced us to Mo and Tim on their journey to #MMTM16.

Jennifer Edwards continued the month by sharing all the meaty details of what’s new at April Beyond Blogthis year’s event. She promised that we are going BEYOND anything we’ve done before with more interactive meet-ups, redesigned hands-on-labs, additional roadmap and technical sessions, and more! Rohit Ghai said it best when he explained that Momentum is the one place where customers, partners, and the ECD team get together, compare notes, and “shape the future of the ECM market.”

Sean Baird detailed the three primary ways digital transformation is impacting the energy sector. For all
Momentum attendees in the energy sector, Sean also highlighted what you can expect from this year’s energy sessions.

What do InfoArchive and raspberry pie have in common? Check out Katie Masters’ blog to find out and check out all of the excitement going on around InfoArchive throughout next week.

Lori McKellar explained the way the Life Sciences industry is evolving and how Continue reading