Saving Scruff: Insurance Claims in a Mobile World

Alessio Gallo

Alessio Gallo

Vice President EMEA Channel & Alliances, Enterprise Content Division at EMC

Today’s enterprise content solutions are so intriguing because they are moving from “just” cost savings for large organizations, to also being invaluable at the individual level. The following blog from EMC Certified Solution partner, inovoo, provides a great real-world example of why the journey from first to third platform is critical and relevant to all of us – professionally and personally.

Saving Scruff: Insurance Claims in a Mobile World

Gary Hodkinson Business Development Director at inovoo

Gary Hodkinson, inovoo

Gary Hodkinson
Business Development Director at inovoo

Some people have unkindly said that my scruffy little dog “resembles a rat.” This almost became a perverse truth when she recently decided to eat a full meal of rat poison at a local pub while I was trying to enjoy a pint one sunny Sunday afternoon.

If you’re a dog owner, you will empathize with the sense of horror and helplessness I felt. I had dog health insurance, but in an emergency, on a Sunday afternoon, without any paperwork or telephone numbers, there was no way for me to contact my insurance company for help about emergency treatment.

I found the nearest emergency vet by doing a quick search on Google maps, but I knew any subsequent insurance claim I made would be complicated by the fact that I had been unable to inform the insurance company prior to treatment. What if the insurance company had a “preferred vet,” and I was going to have difficulty recovering the high cost?

But right now, of course, I had more important things to think about.

In the end, the emergency treatment went smoothly and was successful, if rather expensive. The insurance claim process was also successful but far from Continue reading




Andie Alfonso manages global campaigns and field marketing out of the sunny San Diego, California office

Momentum @ #EMCWorld 2015 is just 12 weeks away, so it’s GO time for the “M” team.  But I wanted to take a quick break from planning, to give our Spark blog followers an MMTM15_herobannerexclusive insider’s view into what we’re cooking up for you this year.

When ECD (formerly IIG, or the Information Intelligence Group) launched our new divisional name last month, we launched with it a motto:  We Take Content Seriously. But the content I take particularly seriously is the agenda for #MMTM15.

You asked for more networking sessions.  Check. 

We’ve swapped out some PowerPoints in lieu of roundtable discussions, meet-the-experts panels (stay for the happy hour after and have a cocktail on us), and one-to-ones with our product managers and professional services “geniuses”.

You asked for more technical sessions.  Check.

Forget those redundant “Intros To…” tracks.  We’re trading them in for hard hitting Continue reading

Redefine The Way You Do Business

Raul Gabriel

Raul Gabriel

Raul is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at EMC that writes and blogs on ECM and Captiva-related topics

We’re all consumers in one way or another. So how can we redefine the way we do business?  It’s all about mobile: self-service, information on-the-go and the convenience to access information where and when we need it. Mobile has changed expectations of consumers today.


So what do consumers expect today in terms of mobile?  They expect real-time responses and want to quickly remove bottlenecks to provide accurate and fast service capturing information at the point where it originates, and to deliver this information to enterprise applications for processing to accelerate the business processes, speed-up transactions, and reduce costs for processing those requests.

Financial Services

What has been the impact of mobile on the financial services industry? It’s adopting self-service concepts and looking into acceptable ways of ingesting business-critical information. In the retail banking world, self-service mobile capture is offered and managed as a part of a new service that can extend into the Continue reading

What’s Next for Your Content Management in the Cloud?

JD de Haseth

JD de Haseth

Director, Marketing — Cloud Services in the Enterprise Content Division (ECD) at EMC Corporation
Director, Marketing -- Cloud Services @ EMC Enterprise Content Division

Chances are, you heard from colleagues and peers about realistic ways to leverage the cloud — even if you manage critical business content (i.e. nuclear power plant drawings, patient data, etc.). But are you ready for what’s next? There are lessons learned from using managed private cloud deployments, and many customers are at the stage of Businessman with tablet and clouds-2exploring new possibilities. They want a more nimble IT organization that can act quickly when business calls, while remaining responsible stewards of business critical content.

Several years into our EMC Managed Services OnDemand (MSOD) private cloud offering, we have thousands of end users accessing Documentum solutions on a daily basis. This experience has proven out a few key benefits:

  • Switching from heavily burdened capex to a more predictable and manageable opex has benefitted customers’ bottom line
  • Solutions can be deployed more easily and in a timelier manner. For example, recently with a customer who experienced a divestiture, the IT department was able to get a new Documentum solution up and running in as quickly as several days.
  • It is less taxing on IT organizations to spin up a Documentum cloud deployment compared to the time-consuming planning, procurement, installation, configuration, testing and management of the hardware and software that would be necessary if they managed and maintained in-house

Now, forward thinkers in heavy content management industry verticals who are Continue reading

Mass Customization of Web Content

Jeroen van Rotterdam

Jeroen van Rotterdam

CTO and VP of Engineering in the Enterprise Content Division at EMC

It’s no secret that the Web Content Management (WCM) industry has evolved beyond content management for the web to what is called Web Experience Management (WEM). WEM is unique because it involves complex capabilities that can be customized to bring WCM and user experience together with Big Data.

While WEM has become mainstream for niche markets including advertising and product recommendations, there are opportunities for new business models especially in verticals such as Financial Services, which is just starting to adopt real-time analytics capabilities. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m pleased that Hippo has recently joined the EMC Business Partner Program at the Select level.

Arje Cahn, CTO, Hippo

Arje Cahn, CTO, Hippo

When speaking with Arje Cahn, CTO and Founder of Hippo, it’s clear that there are great opportunities for customers who tap into robust WEM solutions.

“The holy grail of WEM is a personalized, multi-channel web experience driven by a relevance engine to truly personalize the delivery of content based on a wide variety of parameters,” said Cahn. “Parameters such as location, interest, browsing behavior, device you are using, personal preferences, or contextual parameters such as social behavior, would impact the way a website is behaving, as well as what content is served to you. It’s highly engaging for you, the visitor, and provides great context about you to the site owner.”

To take it even further, a WEM solution that integrates with robust content sources (such as Documentum) and external, agile analytics engines (such as Pivotal Gemfire) provides a promising Continue reading