May is Just Around the Corner

Peter Smerald

Peter Smerald

Director, Enablement, Product Marketing, Technical Field Enablement, Revenue Programs for EMC ECD

May is just around the corner!  Most of the snow will be melted in those areas across the globe hit with record levels of the white stuff, and @EMC World will start the month. Sure, both things happen every year, but some winters have a bit more snow than normal, and some user events are much more impactful than others.MMTM15_Twitter-1024x512

While many of my colleagues have been working on EMC World since June 2014, my role in the planning started back in October. I challenged my team to throw away conventional thinking and focus on a new question: “In a world where, the community pages (ECN) and YouTube offer most of the basic information I need to research what’s going on in Pleasanton, what can we do to make #MMTM15 a truly valuable experience?”

We researched 5 years of session attendance, and comments. We looked at ratings not just from sessions to sessions, but from tracks to tracks. We talked to past attendees.  And what we found (which wasn’t initially obvious) was that Continue reading

Research Data Management for Universities

Rob Silverberg

Rob Silverberg

Industry Director, Public Sector, Information Intelligence Group - EMC

Congratulations! Your university was just awarded a five million dollar federal grant to study the effects of beta waves on dementia. As a condition of your funding, you submitted a Data Management Plan that provides assurances for the management and safety of your data during the research project and provisions for public sharing of research and underlying datasets after the research has been completed.Laboratory-2

The research team has started the project and is eager to start collecting data… but where to put it?  A quick call to the university IT department leads to a meeting where the research team lays out their requirements.

The research data consists of both structured data that will fit into standard databases and unstructured content such as documents, pictures, graphics, charts and even video content.  The data will need security for some private information gathered from the research subjects and will need to be retained as a public record for a specified time period. Many participants of the research project come from other institutions, and in some cases companies. Some of the content will also need to be shared with the public and subject to freedom of information requests. As the project progresses, the data schemas will evolve, and the project could Continue reading

The Budget Dilemma: Big Data, Big Costs – The Information Dilemma – Part 3

Will Maushardt

Will Maushardt

Director, Global Partner Management Group. Focused on fostering Global Systems Integrator (GSI) relationships that result in the highest levels of satisfaction for ECM customers.

In part 1 of this blog series, I discussed the importance of taking stock and getting organized to better understand the value of your data. In part 2, I talked about the two myths of Big Data and Compliance, and how keeping these myths alive can be extremely damaging to your organization.

Today’s blog is about the budget dilemma – the true cost of not addressing these challenges.

Research ChartConsider the graphic on the left. These stats show that the “do nothing” approach are exposing themselves to the following:

  • Inactive data and exponential growth rate of data = Increased infrastructure cost
  • Difficulty finding data = Increased time delays and costs associated with accessing critical information
  • Increased regulatory compliance risk = Increased legal cost
  • Increased risk of data leakage = Increased legal risk and cost

Now consider that organizations are currently allocating the majority of their budget maintaining their existing portfolio, spending 70%* or more of their budget.

What’s left? Only 30% to be spent on innovation and Continue reading

2 Ways CIOs Can Shine

Alessio Gallo

Alessio Gallo

Vice President EMEA Channel & Alliances, Enterprise Content Division at EMC

Could the quiet, unassuming, back-office dweller of your company become its next superstar?

With today’s focus on huge business value of Big Data, Data Mining, and BI, CIOs can now be in the spotlight.

Vikram Gaitonde, Solix

Vikram Gaitonde, VP of Products, Solix Technologies

“Perhaps for the first time ever, it’s their time to shine,” declares Vikram Gaitonde, VP of Products for Solix Technologies, a member of the InfoArchive Consortium. When I last chatted with Vikram he was bubbling with enthusiasm as he explained how the latest data tools (like the Solix Data Archive for InfoArchive) are turning CIOs into major rainmakers.

“These guys don’t just keep the lights on and wheels turning anymore. They are the de facto support staff for every department that needs to make the most of its data, directly impacting the bottom line in Sales. Marketing. Legal. Operations. Everywhere.”

Vikram points to two ways the resident “tech guy” can shine:

  1. Archive Savings: Forward-looking CIOs are choosing ever more sophisticated archiving and app retirement solutions to tame the data monster, smooth workflow, enhance compliance, cut risk, reduce retention costs, and save energy, labor, time and money. None of this was possible just a few short years ago….At the same time as the need is growing exponentially, so is the capability of the technology. Think of the growing data flow at a major Telco—only cutting edge solutions and the experts who know how to implement them can cope with storing and retrieving that kind of flood.”

Continue reading

Is Efficiency Replacing Compliance as the “Big Stick” in Life Sciences?

Lori McKellar

Lori McKellar

Director, Market Development, Life Sciences

Recently, Gens & Associates released the 2015 Winter Edition of their Annual Regulatory Information Management (RIM) Whitepaper based on their fall 2014 industry study. There were several things that jumped out at me. I thought it might be helpful to share them along with my observations in the hope that it may be helpful to you when thinking about your RIM initiatives and all that they entail.

Regulatory Information Management – The end of compliance as the “big stick?”

According the report, RIM is being viewed as “strategic asset that needs to be managed as a vital part of an organization’s business infrastructure”[1] in contrast to viewing RIM asbusiness hand clicking compliance button on touch screen a tactical necessity to support compliance activities. Similarly, executive expectations of RIM are changing. In the past, compliance and effectively adhering to compliance regulations has been the priority. Today, being compliant is considered a given and executives are now expecting RIM initiatives to drive efficiency and productivity across the organization, while still ensuring compliance.[2] When combined with the increasing influence of business users on usability and today’s requirement to bring an intuitive, “consumer-like experience” to help them more easily do their day to day jobs, using compliance alone as the sole reason to operate in an inefficient, clunky way no longer flies.

The rise of an enterprise information architecture in life sciences

This shift towards taking a strategic approach to RIM can also be seen in organizations’ focus on Continue reading