ECM in the Big Data Era – Success Factors: Industry Knowledge

Michele Vaccaro

Michele Vaccaro

EMC Information Intelligence Group EMEA Presale Director

In the previous post I introduced the role that the most savvy and visionary ECM vendors have and will have in the Big Data Era.

But what are the key elements that define if an ECM vendor strategy is strong enough not only to survive but to grow and prosper in the technological tsunami of the 3rd platform era?

What makes an ECM vendor attractive to the enterprises which are navigating in the messy waters?Big data

During my pilgrimages across EMEA I’ve collected inputs from many different people and customers and in this mini-series of 3 articles I will briefly touch on what I think are the most relevant elements that customers are looking for when searching for a reliable ECM partner to walk with during the journey to the 3rd platform.

Let’s start with the first element: Industry Knowledge

  • In order to understand what the enterprises need it’s always wise to start from …ehmm…the enterprises. What do they need? What are the key processes that drive their businesses? What do they need to look for to grow their businesses or lower their operational costs? Which are the most interesting trends in the markets they operate in? To answer the questions above and become a relevant spokesman for the enterprises, ECM vendors, traditionally focused on IT platform plays, we need to move much closer to their customer’s business owners and learn their languages as this is the only way they can truly and deeply understand their customer’s ecosystem and business requirements. Knowing only the technology they sell is not enough for ECM vendors to gain the trusted or preferred advisor ranking. In the same way a patient with an illness wants to be cured by a specialist and not a generic doctor, enterprises give much higher credits to ECM vendors that are able to present the value that solutions build upon their technologies can bring in the industry sector in which their customer operate. This new consciousness will redefine the role of the vendors who will gain a much closer intimacy and trust from their customers and a much stronger competitive advantage.

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Certified to Deliver on Your Business Needs

Jason Capitel

Jason Capitel

Chief Revenue Officer, EMC Enterprise Content Division

When you buy a consumer good, you typically check to see if it has good reviews and a reasonable warranty. Today, it’s pretty easy to find out if the item is offered by a company with a positive reputation, works well with other accessories, and consistently delivers satisfaction to its buyers.

The same is available for Enterprise Content Solutions. This is where EMC excels.

The EMC Certified Solutions program has over 100 Certified Solutions from more than 70 EMC Content Management Solution Catalogpartners, globally. EMC partner-built solutions are validated by EMC Proven Professionals and a third-party vendor for functional completeness, performance and scalability. And we maintain a catalog featuring case studies and examples of how these solutions have worked for customers in similar organizations.

Take Eaton Vance, for example.

Eaton Vance, a financial services organization, enlisted EMC Certified Solution partner Flatirons Solutions (formerly Beach Street Consulting) to work with the company’s legal and investment operations departments and the records management team. After working together to identify the business requirements, Flatirons implemented an xCP-based account opening solution with an easy-to-use interface that is also highly configurable, enabling business users to make changes quickly and easily without the need for extensive coding.

“We now spend 60 percent less time programming custom modifications to the application than we did with our previous solution,” said Harsh Vahalia, the senior Documentum Analyst from Eaton Vance. “With EMC’s reputation and partner certified solutions, we were confident our users would see Continue reading

Announcing: ECD Hackathon at Momentum 2015 at EMCWORLD

Michael Mohen

Michael Mohen

Chief Architect for EMC ECD products and solutions at EMC

We are proud to announce a new ‘mini-conference’ during #MMTM15 at EMCWORLD 2015, the Enterprise Content Division (ECD) Hackathon!

Scheduled for Thursday, May 7th from 9am to 1pm, we will have six sessions, each hackathonfour hours in length. The goal of the ‘Hackathon’ is to enable customers to build an application from scratch in the areas of D2, xCP, InfoArchive, Documentum, Document Sciences and Captiva.

What can customers expect?

  • Besides building an application, topics will include architecture, deployment, migration, development and configuration – these are very agile sessions where customers can ask questions and work with subject matter experts.
  • T-shirts, prizes and beverages/candy will be provided.
  • These sessions will include multiple speakers, from engineering, consulting, product management and the sales engineer community.
  • For those attending these sessions, they will need to bring their laptopvery important. We will be using a cloud based environment for development and deployment. We will have some spare laptops just in case.

The sessions we will be offering include –

Building a Custom Customer Communication solution – EMC Document Sciences xPression

EMC Document Sciences xPression automates the generation of highly customized and personalized multichannel customer communications. With xPression, you can replace multiple document generation systems to reduce costs, streamline processes, and improve customer experience. In this session we will build a custom Continue reading

Momentum 2015 at EMCWORLD: Addressing Problems with Real Solutions

Danny Pidutti

Danny Pidutti

Responsible for delivering ECD Healthcare Solutions that address the information management needs of global healthcare organizations.

Momentum 2015 at EMCWORLD: Do you have ECM business problems you need to address? Well, we have the answer: Solutions.

Okay, now that I have your attention I need to be honest, we might not have all the answers, yet. What I can say is we have been working hard to address some of the most pressing issues MMTM15_Twitter-1024x512in Life Sciences, Energy & Engineering, and Healthcare and to that end, we have suites of solutions that help our customer do all sorts of wonderful things like bringing lifesaving drugs to market faster, build and maintain new alternative energy facilities, and providing doctors with the information they need to deliver better and cheaper patient care.

You might be thinking “EMC has been providing solutions for years, what’s new?” Well you would be right, but there is a distinction that needs to be drawn. For the last 25 years we have provided Continue reading

My Thoughts on The Future of IT in State and Local Government

Rob Silverberg

Rob Silverberg

Director and CTO, Enterprise Application Architecture, State and Local Government and Education

So I just finished reading The Center for Digital Government’s annual thought leadership paper, The Future of IT in State and Local Government, for the third time. Yes, it took multiple reads for me to fully understand the themes behind the subjects covered, key facts cited, and examples and stories provided.

This paper really made me think about several topics. First, I was very proud that EMC was not only a sponsor of this piece, but also that current EMC customers were well represented in the paper and used as examples of leaders in innovation. EMC’s continued focus on state and local government clearly has helped these leading government IT departments to achieve success.

Also, I see the challenge presented in the paper to both state and local IT leaders as well as the vendors that support their efforts. That challenge is simply, “innovate and transform Data Center Frustrationor be left behind.” The era of 20 year old systems supporting Health and Human Services operations are over and it is time to retire those systems and move rapidly to transform IT into a new operating model. A model that uses cloud intelligently and also seeks to move toward IT as a service models leveraging new technologies to allow for horizontal services to be offered by IT instead of simply supporting single line of business applications.

As the pace of change increases in state and local government in 2015 and beyond, how Continue reading